Coricraft, a proudly South African manufacturer and retailer, has been known for it’s fresh and contemporary retail stores. In response to the changing retail landscape, more specifically the validity of the physical store in the midst of a digital revolution, we collaboratively reimagined the store by making it more human, tactile and connected. The result is a store environment that marks a shift from simply being a showroom to an experience led space that not only feels like a home but shops like a magazine.

Key headquarters anchors the customer journey throughout the store. A key feature for customer engagement is the Design Hub which houses among others,  Coricraft’s signature ‘couch studio’. It is further elevated by a complimentary interior design service which helps customers curate the perfect look for their home. 


East Rand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2019

About client: 

Coricraft is a leading South Africa furniture manufacturer and retailer.

What we did:

User Experience Strategy, Interior Design Concept, Technical Documentation, Signage and Branding Implementation, Co-ordination, Project Management, Procurement, Compliance.

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