Irisin in a luxury health club, the first of its kind in Fujairah. The brand is designed to inspire, featuring innovative group classes. The space were designed around around the group sessions to make the classes intuitive and easy to follow.

The concierge counter were set up as a central orientation point, allowing the staff to always have visibility over client. Natural finishes such and timber were used to bring warmth to the space, of setting it with a clean material pallet for the young at heart and not so serious.

The Workshop cafe were positioned to be accessible by anyone from the local community as local meeting spot, promoting a healthy lifestyle for the local community.


Fujairah, UAE 2018

About client:

Irisin is a luxury health club from Kuwait.

What we did:

User experience strategy, interior design concept, technical documentation, signage and branding Implementation co-ordination, project management, procurement, compliance.


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