The architecture of the Nando’s drive thru model allows for a high degree of customisation to the exterior which allows each store to be unique both internally and externally. For this store we put a heavy focus on the visual appeal from the street by incorporating a combination of patterned steel trellis work, timber slats to frame the primary seating area on the first floor and, most strikingly, the bricks where laid at an angle which created a very textured façade. Finally the bricks were painted on random edges so that they seem to appear to change colour as the driver navigates through the drive through. Our key objective was to get as close to the Nando’s dynamic, nuanced, vibrant brand as possible. Marrying brand and space is always a challenge; more so when the brand is intentionally fluid.


Horizon View, Johannesburg, South Africa

About client:

Nando’s is a South African restaurant chain, specialising in peri-peri style chicken dishes.

What we did:

User experience strategy, Interior design concept, Technical documentation, Procurement of specialist items

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