Edgars Fourways Mall

Edgars New Look. A new retail shop interior design for Edgars that is experience led and agile.

+/- 9000sqm / Johannesburg, South Africa / 2018

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Fourways Mall, Johannesburg, South Africa

About the client:


What we did:

Interior Design Concept, Technical Documentation & Coordination

Edgars Fourways Mall - Retail

The brief was to translate the brand as a modern day retailer, relevant and memorable to South African consumers. The design approach for the new store design was developed around three key pillars:

A Public Square. Purposeful planning of a central social space to anchor all the departments. Activating the in-between-space with key services and food partnerships.

Foodtainment. Pairing a coffee offering with retail to pull customers into the heart of the store, encouraging replenishment and social activity.

‘Plug and Play’ Infrastructure. A ‘comprehensive and economic ’ kit- of parts, that enables an adaptive store to create newness in store with minimal resources & effort.

Ultimately concept was rooted in the idea of placemaking which results in a sense of welcome, belonging, driving culture and brand loyalty.

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