Edgars Home

Retail isn’t dead, boring retail is dead. In order to thrive in the ever evolving retail landscape retailers alike are purposefully rewiring themselves to enable the experience economy.

Johannesburg, South Africa / 2017

Project info


Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa

About the client:

Edgars is a South Africa’s clothing retailer with over 300 stores countrywide.

What we did:

User experience strategy, interior design concept, technical documentation, signage and branding Implementation co-ordination, project management, procurement, compliance.

Edgars Home - Retail

Edgars is no exception to this. The biggest challenge for big retailers is that it has become a mass-experience tailored to no one. This is especially a challenge, in face of a time where customers can do anything anywhere and get personalised real-time experiences from other places both online and IRL.

This calls for a shift in retail practice and environment beyond just transaction towards setting the stage for meaningful and memorable experiences. Interestingly, department stores at their genesis were primarily about entertainment through shopping and socialising.

Typically located at the heart of the high street, it was known as retail public square where customers could leisurely shop the latest trends and commodities. This idea of revisiting department store’s original purpose ‘a square as a social retail space’ became the starting point for the new design that is Edgars Fourways Mall. Beyond the brief and list of requirements, we designed for experience and incorporated some key pillars to engage shoppers and complement the hybrid nature of retail today.

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