Need WRITE UPPPPP . saunas and the likes.Viva approached Design Partnership to lead the design and experience of these spaces and help give character to what had the potential to feel like a stripped-down box. Through a fruitful collaboration between Viva and DP, we have successfully completed 7 gyms of approximately 1800 sqm. Each Gym has its own personality but a common thread relying on grey & natural tones to help anchor the spaces allowing the bright Viva branding & urban graphics to take centre stage creating fun experiences for each training zone.


Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa. 2016

About client:

Viva Gym is an affordable, South Africa dry gym

(which means no pool) with world class equipment.

What we did:

User experience strategy | Interior design concept | Technical documentation | Signage and branding Implementation |

co-ordination | Project management | Procurement | Compliance.

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