Design Partnership HQ

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Johannesburg, South Africa / 2023

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Woodmead, Johannesburg

About the client:

Design Partnership is a design studio focused on the design of commercial interior spaces and places.

What we did:

User Experience Strategy, Interior Design, Concept Design Development, Technical Documentaiton

Design Partnership HQ

At Design Partnership, we too faced the challenge of understanding what was needed to rekindle collaboration, social cohesion, and our company's culture. To address this, we chose to lead by example and applied the same process we use for our clients to create a workplace that aligns with our culture, benefits our people, and, most importantly, enhances our brand.

To our surprise, as a creative company, we found that our primary focus is on individual tasks; part of this can be attributed to the fact that forced us to work from home but covid or not our work style remains agile.

As a result, we recognised the need to establish a diverse range of spaces that are highly adaptable and capable of accommodating various tasks at any given time. Our very own hybrid model. In addition, it was crucial that our new office space encapsulated all the design specialties within the company.

The idea of "un-officing the office" became a central theme as we had a singular ambition in mind: creating a space that transcends the conventional office environment. We aimed for a place that would be everyone's favourite - reminiscent of a home, a hotel, or a restaurant.

We chose these concepts because they are universally known for their welcoming and hospitable atmospheres. To achieve this vision, we ensured that all employees had the opportunity to contribute their insights regarding the look and ambiance of the space. The outcome is a design that offers a sense of familiarity and comfort akin to the feeling of being at home.

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