American Tower Corporation

The completion of ATC's office reimagines their new post-pandemic way of working.

Johannesburg / 2023

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Johannesburg, South Africa

About the client:

American Tower Corporation, one of the largest global Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), is a leading independent owner, operator and developer of wireless and broadcast communications real estate.

What we did:

Workplace Strategy​, Interior Design Concept​, Design Development​, Technical Documentation

American Tower Corporation - Workplace

The completion of American Tower Corporation’s (ATC) office reimagines their new post-pandemic way of working, after recognizing the need to break away from a traditional office environment.

A brief was formulated with Design Partnership’s team of workplace designers and strategists to design and build an environment that prioritized ATC’s employee wellness, collaboration, and flexibility, with the intention of encouraging employees to want to return to the office beyond mere obligation.

To achieve this vision, the design team worked collaboratively to develop a floor plan consisting of four distinct neighbourhoods featuring several room types.

These include: Hybrid Offices doubling up as executive offices and meeting rooms; 'Teams' Office designed for virtual and in-person collaboration; a Hot Office emulating the comfort of a home office; One-on-one Rooms for informal conversations; Focus Pods for privacy and deep focus; Meeting Rooms spread strategically throughout the floor.

The office design encapsulates the essence of the South African landscape with each “neighbourhood” themed after a prominent biome such as the Karoo, Fynbos, Savannahs and Grasslands.

In addition to the neighbourhoods, the new office features various spaces that further enhance employee well-being and foster connection including: A work cafe reminiscent of a lively rooftop market; a wellness room promoting mindfulness; a rooftop bar for hosting weekly braais and celebrations.

Now ATC provides a place where employees can come together to collaborate, innovate, and grow. It is a place where they can feel valued, supported, and empowered to deliver their best work. A true hybrid solution that reflects the evolving landscape of the workplace of today.

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