How did DP help one of the oldest mens only fashion brands in South Africa reconnect with their ideal target market? Welcome to Markham Campus Square.

Johannesburg, South Africa / 2017

Project info


Campus Square, Johannesburg, South Africa

About the client:

A South African menswear brand, part of the TFG portfolio of brands

What we did:

User Experience Strategy, Interior Design Concept, Technical Documentation, Signage and Branding Implementation, Co-ordination, Project Management, Procurement, Compliance.

Markham - Retail

Markham’s, one of the oldest mens only fashion brands in South Africa, brief ambition was to reconnect the brand with its primary target market – up and coming male urbanites. Strategically building a footprint that is more accessible to the South African youth. In other words, to give the brand street cred, whilst adhering to the build rate constraint.

The store design, embodied ‘the hustle’, using resources smartly and applying ‘cool’ where it genuinely mattered. Fixtures were designed for easy installation while finishes were muted but with a recognisable tactile urban flair.

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