Stax Woodlands

A fresh new look for Stax, one of South Africa’s oldest electronic department stores.

2730sqm / Woodlands, South Africa / 2023

Project info


Woodlands, South Africa

About the client:

Stax has been serving customers for over 32 years and have recently been acquired by Sounds Great, a South African Audio Visual retailer.

What we did:

Retail Strategy, Brand design, Interior Design, Technical documentation, Turnkey Implementation.

Stax Woodlands

The brief for the new design was to refresh the Stax brand while still leveraging its legacy with Gauteng customers. Our design approach not only had to accommodate the vast range Stax has on offer but also to cleverly make use the scale of the store - balancing both category and brands, lifestyle and ‘rack & stack’ display.

A fresh new look store environment is achieved with the use of bold graphics, and curated signage to help customers easily navigate the store. A modular fixture kit of parts allows the brand to change displays quickly based on ever changing product and stock levels. A series of intimate spaces were designed for comfort and optimum sound experience that welcomes customers to play and stay. The design allowed for a mix of customer touch.

The overall success of the store lies in that it comfortably balances lifestyle and ‘rack & stack’. It leverages the vast space to house ‘stacks of products’ but also to facilitate moments of curated customer experience.

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